I am a self taught photographer and creative from Atlanta, Georgia, currently residing in Seoul, South Korea. In University, I studied Cultural Anthropology and that intellectual underpinning played a large part in my original reason for picking up a camera. When I acquired my first camera a few years ago, I was consumed with the simple desire to capture moments of my life along with the culture of people whose paths I crossed. My early photos were dominated by those ideas. As I continued to photograph, to learn, and to share, people began asking me more and more for my photographic services. Eager for experience, I always said "yes." Seoul, the bustling and vibrant city that it is, provided me with no shortage of opportunities to grow and develop as a photographer. Fast forward through a few years of consistently striving to improve and here I am: a photographer at your service. 

I encourage you to scroll through my portfolio to get a closer look at the world through my lens. I primarily photograph portraits, live events, food and travel but I am open to and excited about the opportunity to work and create within any photographic genre. If you are interested in collaborating, working together, or if you just want to say "Hi!" then just shoot me a message using the form below. Also, check out my Instagram and Facebook pages linked below to stay up to date on my latests projects. I look forward to hearing from you!




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